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Support us through the Breckland lottery

Now there is an easy way for people to show that they enjoy and appreciate the blues festival which is brought to Dereham town each year by the hard work and dedication of a small band of volunteers.

Help us to ensure that the festival goes from strength to strength each year and continues to give fantastic opportunities to hear great quality live blues music in Dereham town. Your support also helps to ensure that we have the resources to provide more opportunities for young people to get involved with blues music and to learn about the vast range of styles encompassed within the genre.

Lottery tickets cost only £1 per week and 50% of the money raised goes to good causes that you choose. Another 10% goes into a community fund and 20% goes into prize money - so you could win up to £25k, while also showing your support for your favourite local cause.

At the same time, supporting live music in local town centre venues helps to keep those venues alive, continuing to provide a valuable amenity to the local community. By bringing extra visitors to the town and extra trade, the Dereham Blues Festival helps to enliven the town centre, boosts the economy and enriches the cultural life of the town